Clickcha is a unique CAPTCHA system that more secure than traditional text based CAPTCHAs yet easier to use. Clickcha will replace the WordPress post comment button with an image based CAPTCHA that requires a single click to solve and post the comment.

Click here to see Clickcha in action.

The simplest CAPTCHA out there – solved in one click – no typing required.
Adds almost zero overhead.
Compatible with all cache plugins (including WP-Cache).
Works out of the box without any setup or editing .php files.
How It Works
Clickcha generates image based CAPTCHAs which require the user to click the image in a particular area to solve the puzzle. Clickcha is more secure than traditional text based CAPTCHAs which can be read via OCR software.

What our Clients say

Masterclean was our first customer to use our system, finding 100’s of comments and spam emails, it would take them 2 hours a day going through all the posting and email, checking which were spam and which one were legit. By purchasing 10,000 captchas they had a real easy task to check all the post, taking them just 10 minutes a week. visit their site to see how this could benefit your website, and save you time and effort.

Roofing Matters has stopped 2,000 spam comments a week, business owner Barry Jones from Cardiff reports that this now saves at least 15 hours a week. Now he can get back to answering the important emails.

Leaflet flyers have now implemented the new image CAPTCHs on after a week they just had 3 spam email in 1 weeks. Just goes to show how much time you can save.

Another area that found this invaluable was on their blog in 2 weeks, it stopped 1282 post, all of which were spam, this saved them about 2 weeks for a VA to go through to check and delete.


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